We are the ʔaq̓am Community, of Ktunaxa people who have lived in our region for thousands of years.

About Us

ʔaq̓am is located just minutes outside the City of Cranbrook in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia. We have long existed in a close relationship with our land and surrounding area. For thousands of years we have enjoyed the natural bounty of the land, travelling seasonally throughout our Traditional Territory to follow vegetation and hunting cycles. We have obtained all our food, medicine and material for shelter and clothing from nature - hunting, fishing and gathering throughout our Territory, across the Rocky Mountains and on the Great Plains of both Canada and the United States. Our lands, a rich cultural heritage and a language so unique that it is not linked to any other in the world make the Ktunaxa people singular and distinctive.


The ʔaq̓am Community has been proactive in simultaneously preserving our culture and traditions, while establishing progressive and innovative business partnerships. We live together, learn together, play together, work together and grow together. We are the ʔaq̓amnik̓. We are community, first.

Our Vision

For the ʔaq̓am Community to generate a sustainable and self-sufficient economy by optimizing community and partner resources in a manner consistent with qanikiȼi (values and principles).


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Christopher McCurry,

Chief Executive Officer

ʔaq̓am Community Enterprises

7470 Mission Road, Cranbrook BC, V1C 7E5

Phone: 250 426 5717 ext. 3543 


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