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Looking for Land?

ʔaq̓am has 19,300 acres of available land for you to locate your business.  We have 2 development projects that are currently underway and lots of vacant land suitable for most light industrial, agriculture, office and warehouse applications.


ʔaq̓am lands are governed by Chief and Council under Land Code by means of the Framework Agreement of First Nation Land Management and the First Nations Land Management Act. This governance framework provides ʔaq̓am with the legal status and power to govern its land and resources instead of the federal government. Consequently, our partners benefit from streamlined decision-making and business processes.

Extremely low cost land and building costs.  Locating here reduces business costs significantly.  The cost of land and leases are a small fraction of the costs on the coast, or other major cities.  We compared expected lease and labour costs for a light industrial business with 10 employees and estimated the savings to be about $25,000/employee per year based on a $20/square foot savings on lease and about 15% on local labour.

Infrastructure and labour. Centrally located between the cities of Kimberley and Cranbrook, your business will be supported by modern transportation and telecommunication, infrastructure, skilled trades and post-secondary education, and a stable workforce.

International Airport. Our premium location between the cities of Kimberley and Cranbrook and only 10 minutes from Canadian Rockies International Airport makes our land the perfect location to start or expand your business.  Many daily flights from Cranbrook to major cities are supported by Air Canada, Westjet and Pacific Coastal Airways.  

Affordable Housing and World Class Recreation.  The low cost of regional residential property and local recreation supports an exceptional and inexpensive lifestyle for employees and their families.  A family can expect to save about $25,000/year in housing and recreation costs. 

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