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2020 Business Development Grant Program
Monday, March 16th 2020

kiɁsuɁk kyukyit,

ʔaq̓ am Community Enterprises is now launching the 2020 Business

Development Grant Program. This program is dedicated to continued

support of our individual community entrepreneurs. The business grant

is available to ʔaq̓ am members who have a vision of a business they

would like to start or to expand. A maximum of $6,000 is available

through this grant for you to start or expand your business.


The grant application opens today, 

Monday March 16th and is due on Friday April 17th by 4:30pm

Due to precautionary measures from the COVID-19 disease,

applications will only be available to download from our website, by email or physically mailed to your home.

There will be no copies available at the administration desk this year.

To request an email version or a copy to be mailed please contact either:

Ryan Phillips-Clement – or

Christopher McCurry –

250 426 5717



Christopher McCurry

ʔaq̓ am Community Enterprises CEO

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